Internal Audit & Risk

Internal audit service and evaluating the adequacy of internal control system

We provide internal audit by assurance and consulting services include the valuable suggestions and suitable for organizations' system in order to improve the system operation efficiency and effectiveness and manage the resources consistent with the objectives of the organization.

Services for evaluating the adequacy of the internal control system and the internal audit. Which provides the following services.

  • Financial audit
  • Compliance audit
  • Operational audit
  • Information technology audit
  • Project contract review
  • Special audit service - as request

So that evaluating the adequacy of internal controls service will inform the executives about the status of internal control system and whether it is adequate to control or not. Are there any weak point or improper operation? And when we knew the blind spot, we can find the best solution. Especially for the executives who are preparing to register in the stock exchange. It is important to evaluate the internal control system to be adequate.

Risk management service

“Risk” is the event that every organize have to face, if it occurs it will affect more or less to the organization. So risk management is essential to your organization that should have the risk management system appropriately.

Consultancy service for Corporate Governance Report: CGR

Corporate Governance Report of Thai Listed Companies (CGR) Survey of Listed Companies By the Thai Institute of Directors (IOD) to have good and excellent evaluation results.

So that there is reasonable assurance that corporate governance of the company has enough standards to enable the operations of those involved to achieve the objectives. Comply with the corporate governance principles correctly and completely in accordance with the criteria of the Corporate Governance Survey Project of Thai Listed Companies. Resulting in the development of the company's corporate governance as a whole. 

Consultancy service for membership certification in the Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) 

The Private Sector Collective Action Coalition Against Corruption (CAC) is a way to solve corruption problems by collaborating among private companies that want to put pressure on changes in the public sector. By collaborating to deny all forms of bribery and anti-corruption as a tool to prevent competition and hinder free business.

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